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Air Mattress Buying Guide

Before buying an air mattress, there are some important factors to consider. One of the most notable features of air beds is that they can be easily adjusted to suit your taste.

Air mattresses come in different styles, sizes, and price tag. Air beds have a variety of functions, ranging from full-time luxury mattresses to providing temporary solutions especially when there are extra guests to cater to.

With the different brands, styles, and features of air beds present in the market, making a decision that will perfectly meet your needs may be somewhat challenging. With our comprehensive air mattress buying guide, it will be just like a walk in the park for you to make the best choice.

Types of Air Beds

Either luxurious or basic, air mattresses are specifically designed for the sole purpose of providing you a comfortable and satisfying rest. Matching one of these mattresses to your sleeper is the best way to choose the most suitable one. Below are the major types of air mattress:

The camping type

Air mattresses that are made for camping have unique features that make them suitable for outdoor activities. They are usually made of vinyl material, resistant to punctures, and are waterproof.

They come with air pumps that don’t require electricity to function. Some can be used manually, while some work with batteries. If you are planning for travels, picnic, or any outdoor activities, this is the type of air bed that suit your needs.

The standard type

This is a vinyl-pillow that has a dimension almost equal to a twin or king mattress. It has one major air pocket that measures about 10 inches tall and has a valve attached to one end. This valve can either be large to fit in the built-in pump, or small to contain a separate pump. Standard air mattresses have a slick vinyl surface, but you could see some with the velvety

The double-high type

The distance between this air mattress and the ground is about 25 inches. For a better comparison, it is at least double the height of the standard air bed.

With 2, 3, or 4 stacked vinyl-chambers, the double-high mattress is almost the same height with a bed that has a mattress and box spring. This bed is easier to climb and come down, and since it is some distance away from the floor, a warmer feeling can be achieved.

Features of the Best Air Mattresses

There are some features an air mattress should have to make it the best in the market. Here are some essential features to check for in an airbed:

  • This is an important feature to look out for in an air bed. A warranty minimum of one year should cover both the built-in pump and the air bed. Avoid any air mattress that has no warranty.
  • It should provide enough of support. One of the surest ways to know a well-designed air bed is through the even distribution of air contained in the mattress. It should be free from bubbles or lumpy spots that make it uncomfortable to use. Go for an air mattress that has internal air chambers or coils. Air coils of 30 and above are most suitable and comfortable for air beds.
  • It should be inflatable. It is advisable to go for an air bed that comes with built-in air pump because it works quicker when compared to the separate pumps. The air-pump should be user-friendly, and the valve should be sealed properly to prevent any leaks.
  • It should be lightweight and portable to carry when deflated. The main purpose of air beds is usually for temporary situations such as camping or travels. When this mattress is not in use, it should be easily stowed It should be compact and lightweight enough to pack and keep in a closet when deflated.
  • It should have a good air-retention capacity. Due to temperature changes and the weight exerted by the sleeper on the bed, almost all air beds collapse by some certain degrees. However, a good air mattress should lose just a little or no air when in

What to Know Before Buying an Air Mattress

The height of the mattress.

When it comes to the height of inflatable air mattresses, the thicker it is, the more comfortable and enjoyable it will be. Although it is not always true, it is more suitable when there is more air space between you & and the ground. A thicker and high air mattress also makes you feel like you are sleeping on a real mattress because it is easier and quicker to get up.

The size of the air bed.

Air beds have the same sizes of conventional beds. They come as full, twin, king, and queen. There are only certain slight differences when it comes to the mattresses’ dimensions. You must understand that the edges of most air beds are less supportive than the conventional mattress, so if you are still debating on the right size to go for, it is advisable to go for larger size.

Check for the features that interest you.

Just as we have discussed earlier in the feature section, it is paramount that you know the features of the air bed you are buying.

Majority of air mattresses comes with a velour top that provides more comfort than the traditional mattress that is made of PVC. An air mattress usually comes with a pump. Some of these pumps use batteries as their source of power, while other depends on other power sources.

The purpose of usage.

This is another important thing to consider when buying an air mattress. Buying an air bed should be determined by what it’s to be used for. If you decide to use an elevated air bed for guests in your home, you don’t have to be bothered of buying a compact and lightweight air bed.

On the other hand, if you are getting an air mattress for camping, you will want to get one that is waterproof, made of thick PVC, and is resistant to punctures.


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