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How to Raise an Air Mattress off the Floor Things You Need to Know

One of the greatest inventions when it comes to sleeping and comfort would most definitely have to be air mattresses. The reason for this is because having mattresses that could be inflated have most definitely made transportation of the mattress from one place to another one which is more convenient.

Back in the day, when the only mattresses that were the traditional ones made of spring and foam, which were rather cumbersome to transport, due to its heavy weight.

Back then, these mattresses would have to be carried by at most four people and moved with a wheelbarrow or some form of transportation mechanism just so that it could be brought from one place to another. Back then, people didn’t really bother asking how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

The Introduction of the Air Mattress

This problem, however, was greatly alleviated through the invention of air mattresses. This is because these mattresses could simply be inflated when used, and deflated when not in use, or when you’d have to move it from one place to another. For you to do so, you simply have to deflate the bed by opening the necessary valve, wait for all the air to come out.

Once done, you simply have to roll it and stash it in the carry bag, which usually comes with every purchase of the air mattress. This significantly saves time and effort, hence making it a popular choice among those who go from place to place, or those who always have guests around but don’t have a room.

The Problem with Air Mattresses

One of the greatest issues associated with air mattresses is that they are usually so low on the ground, which is why people would always want to ask and know how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

While this may not be considered an issue for others, this is a real problem among those who have problems with the back, given that sleeping on an air mattress placed directly on the floor would require you to squat a bit rather than being able to rise with your feet placed firmly on the ground.

Also, direct exposure to floors would also leave the mattress more vulnerable to things that could potentially damage it, some of these include teething babies and pets, dust, pins and needles, and other sharp objects on the floor that surrounds the air mattress.

These are just some of the potential issues you ought to prevent, as these air mattresses could be rendered unusable the moment they get punctured or damaged. To make things worse, this could pretty much happen long after the warranty is through, as not many air mattress brands offer a lifetime warranty to their clients.

Why Should You Raise your Air Mattress?

  • Added Comfort

The first reason why you should find ways on how to raise an air mattress off the floor is simply because it gives you so much added comfort. It would always feel better for anyone to rise from a raised air mattress, rather than waking up from one that’s directly on the floor.

Also, sleeping on a raised mattress would allow you to keep dust far from you and your bed when you sleep, as exposure to this could be troublesome for those who are hypersensitive to dust.

  • Prolongs the Life of Air Mattress

The mechanism that’s used to raise the air mattress also allows for it to last a long time than it would if you are just to leave it on the floor. This is because the floor could pretty much harbor a lot of materials that would cause damage to the air mattress.

One common example would have to be liquids that get spilled by accident, as well as pins, needles, blades, razors, scissors, and other sharp objects that might be scattered on the floor. Also, keeping the mattress raised could keep teething pets at bay.

  • Supports Posture

This is most definitely important for those who have back problems since they cannot rise from their beds the usual way or their ideal way, as the low elevation of the bed prevents them from using their legs as a means of support. The muscles used are those at the back, which when used most of the time could cause unnecessary strain.

Air Mattress Raising Mechanisms

  • Ply Wood

In using a piece of plywood, it’s best to keep the thickness 0.75 inches at most. To protect the air mattress from the wood, make sure to wrap it with materials that are non-penetrative, an example of which being tarp. This makes sure that the splinters that are present on the plywood would not puncture or damage the air mattress. Position this on the bed frame and mattress.

  • Box Spring

If you find the plywood mechanism difficult, then make use of a box spring. You simply have to place this atop the bed frame. Before using, make sure to wrap it with materials that would prevent the sharp parts from poking through the bed. This would counter the effect of the bed frame sagging too quickly.

  • Avail of a Special Frame

There are several bed frames you can purchase in the market to serve the purpose of lifting the air mattress off the floor. One popular type is the Pragma platform, which is built in such a way that the mattress could sit safe from the sharp edges while preventing any slipping from taking place.


Special precautions have to be taken if you wish to lift your air mattress of the floor. This is because given that it’s filled with air, any sharp objects or materials could pretty much cause the entire bed to be punctured, and in the worst situations, burst.

While you could pretty much make use of DIY projects, there are several ready-made materials you can purchase in the market as well to cater to your air mattress elevating needs.


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