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Air Mattress vs. Futon

According to health practitioners, getting enough sleep has a lot to do with your well-being. Good sleep not only relax the nerves, but it also helps to keep the body in perfect shape. One of the determining factors that could affect your sleep is the mattress you use.

How well you sleep has a lot to do with it—it can either make your mood or ruin it for the entire day. This is why you need to take the time to make proper research and the right choice so as to have that pleasant and restful sleep you’ve always been wanting.

There are some certain features of the futon and the air mattress you need to know to ascertain the one that best meets your sleeping needs. Questions like: how portable is the mattress? How comfortable and convenient it is to use? These are some of the key things you need to find out before making your decision.

The bed space is another point to consider in addition to the ones listed. We have put forward comparisons between the air mattress and the futon that will give you an insight of what matters when choosing a mattress.

The Purpose of Usage

There is always a purpose to everything we do, and this is always the first step to consider when making any purchase. Having a defined a goal in mind can go a long way in helping you to determine between an air mattress and a futon.

If you are engaging in activities such as camping, travel, etc. your best choice is an air bed that is inflatable. The futon is not suitable for such activities because it is bulky and difficult to carry around. When going for an air mattress, go for the one that is made of thick vinyl material, as it is strong and durable.

When it comes to owning a furniture piece that offers dual functions in a limited space, the best choice to go for is the futon. It can be used as a bed during the night, and can also serve as a seat during work time in the same confined space. It is most suitable for a college dorm, home office, or studio apartment.

The Size of the Space

Another important factor to consider when making your choice between an air mattress and a futon is the size of the room, and the available space to lay the mattress. A key difference between these types of mattresses is their sizes. A futon is bulky and difficult to keep hidden in a place when not in use, while an air mattress can be easily deflated and kept in a closet until a need arises.

Also, air mattresses come in several sizes like full, twin, king and queen, while a futon covers a huge chunk of space because aside from the mattress, it comes with a bedding frame. Although a typical sofa-futon can be folded into a full sized bed, it also comes in loveseat, chair and queen sizes.

Which is More Comfortable to Use

One of the ways to determine a good sleep is how comfortable you feel during sleep. In short, this is the main reason why this comparison between the futon and air mattress is carried out. There is no need to own a bed if you can’t derive comfort in lying on it.

The good news is that both the futon and the air mattress can offer you comfort for a restful sleep. But you must note that the level of comfort you enjoy is determined by how padded the mattresses are.

A raised airbed creates a reasonable distance between your position on the bed and the ground, thus making you have this “real bed” feeling. A futon bed also provides a good padding between you and the wooden slats and futon’s springs.

Some air mattresses are specifically designed to look like a basic mattress and box spring for additional comfort. To boost the cushy effect, you can introduce bedding layers like a memory foam topper, down comforter, and a thickly padded mattress. For a futon, you can add an air mattress that is inflatable for additional comfort that is hard to get when using layered bedding.

The Price Difference between a Futon and an Air Mattress

This is where most people are more interested in because your financial power determines what you can buy or cannot. Considering these two types of beds, the futon tends to come with a price tag that is higher than a conventional inflated air mattress because it’s a free-standing furniture that comprises a mattress topper and a solid bed frame.

Also, some special features can be added to a futon that will raise its cost. For example, it can be so expensive to buy a wooden frame that has an innerspring mattress, a perfect and high-quality mattress cover, comfortable armrest and different adjustable positions.

Although the price for a typical air bed is less pricey when compared to a futon, getting a big air mattress that has unique features such as a flocked top, elevated sleeping surface and electric air pump could come with a huge price tag.

With all the important factors listed above, it is necessary to consider them carefully before making your decision. There are different purposes for owning a mattress. These purposes should be your number one priority in choosing a mattress.

For activities such as hunting, it is better you go for an air mattress because it can be inflated and transported easily. The futon can be too large and difficult to transport. When it comes to multi-purpose functions, going for a futon will be a reasonable idea because it can be used as a seat during working hours and bed during sleeping time.

The futon is suitable for a college dorm, studio apartment, and home office. Other factors to consider are the level of comfort you derive from it, the available space in your room, and the price tag attached to each of these mattresses.


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