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Can you put an air mattress on a bed frame?

What is an air mattress and how can you use it? If this is what goes in your mind, then keep on reading and you will find out about air mattresses and how they work with bed frames.

Using an air mattress comes in handy in many situations. If you are going on a camping trip and you do not enjoy sleeping on the ground or in sleeping bags, then you will be happy to take an air mattress with you.

On the other side, if you know that you receive guests often and you do not have enough place to host them, an air mattress will be a situation-saver because, in only a few minutes, you can inflate it and transform it into a comfortable alternative to a bed.

Using an air mattress as an alternative location for sleeping is very convenient. But you can not use this mattress on a normal bed frame and this is because a regular bed frame is made from wood and it comes with slats that give it support. The thing is that these slats are not effective in supporting an air mattress.

If you necessarily want to raise your air mattress off the floor, you should know that there exist some options that you can take into consideration. Below you will find a few solutions that you can analyze.


You can purchase a piece of this plywood that should have the same dimensions as the air mattress and the bed frame that you want to use. It should have up to four inches in thickness. After you get it, place a material over it that is non-penetrative and will protect from splinters.

In the end, take the plywood and place it on the frame of the bed and them place the air mattress over it. This should be safe if you want a way to use the mattress on the bed frame that is made out of wood.

Box spring

If you consider the plywood too much for your own taste, then a box spring might get the help that you need to save the situation. Find the box spring that you like the most and that fits the bed frame and place it there.

Take a material that you think will prevent the springs from destroying the materials and cover the box with it, You can use atarp for that. After this, you can place the mattress on the box spring and have it raised.

Special frame

You should know that out there on the market exist ready-made bed frames for the air mattresses that you purchase in any stores. If you do not want to struggle with DIY projects, you can easily purchase one.

These ready-made bed frames are known as Pragma platforms and they are built in such manner so that the air mattress will sit safely on the frame and away from edges that are sharp and also safe from slipping off.

This ready-made air mattress bed frame is supposed to leave you with a safe and firm surface for laying your body, but at the same time comfortable.

How to get past potential issues?

One of the main issues that you might encounter when you are raising the air mattress off the ground and you are making a foundation for it, it that is might get to slip and slide when is not necessary. Besides being unsafe for you or for other participants, it can also be very frustrating and annoying. But do not worry because you can get past this problem in many ways.

You can take into consideration the positioning of the whole setup before placing everything where it belongs. You might get restricted because of the possible unlimited space, but if you can, you should always place the air mattress and the foundation that you created or purchased, against a wall.

This way is better that placing it in the middle of the room. You can get to reduce the possible movements up to 50% by placing the air mattress and the foundation in a setup with two walls that meet in a corner.

Besides the positioning, you can also use for unnecessary movements heavy duty Velcro strips. You can purchase some strips and place them between the mattress and the foundation that you choose. This way, by affixing the Velcro in two directions, it will stop any slipping or sliding that annoys you.


To maintain your air mattress in a good condition, you should know that it is best for it to get air pumped inside on a regular basis, even if it is not fully used. This is because any air mattress can start to sag with time and this is because of the loss of air and the continuously stretch of the materials.

It is recommended that even if you use it regularly or even every day, to inflate it and deflate it after every two to four days. If you find this step a struggle, keep in mind that you can do this easily with the features that some air mattresses come with.

Some of them can inflate and deflate with only one touch of one button because they have already built-in pumps for the process to be done faster. If you have a mattress that inflates with an external pump, then this will require more effort.


In the light of the above-mentioned ideas, you can probably see that you have some options if you want to raise off the floor your air mattress.

From DIY ideas to bed frames that are ready-made, you can invest in whatever you think that will suit your needs. Keep in mind that the more expensive the air mattresses are, the more expensive the bed frames will be, too.

But this is also an advantage because the more expensive is the mattress the better its features are. It is up to you what you choose, but do not go for a regular wooden bed frame because the mattress will not cooperate with it and you will end up with discomfort.


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