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Fox AirbedsPlush High-Rise Air Mattress Review

Do you plan to go on a camping trip soon and you do not enjoy sleeping in a sleeping bag? Do you have guests and family coming over for the weekend and you do not have enough beddings in the house?

The best solution you can find to these problems is to invest in an air mattress and next time you will not be put in an unpleasant situation. Air mattresses are basically airbeds. You can use them after the mattress is inflated.

This inflation process can be done orally or with a pump but is recommended to use a pump because it will take you less time and the effort that you put into this will be less tiring.

Fox Airbed brings you an alternative for a bed. This mattress has a layer of plush on top, a feature that makes is look more like a bed. The plush used on the mattress is a rich fabric that is made from a combination of other materials such as cotton, silk, and wool.

The final result is soft and very pleasant to touch. This inflatable bed comes in four different sizes (twin XL, king, queen and full ) and the price is different for each size (from 120$ to 180$), but overall the prices are not bad for what the products have to offer.


  • For this inflatable bed, Fox Airbeds included in the pillow top some airflow chambers that are supposed to offer more comfort for one or two people who are using the bed
  • The materials that were used for this airbedis going to make everyone happy. It has 43% thicker vinyl, a substance that is not natural but man-made.It is humidity and moisture resistant, a durable and strong material and also friendly with the environment
  • The cool thing about the inflation process is that the mattress has two built-in way pumps that will allow two people to inflate it and you be ready faster
  • Besides the built-in pump’s system, the inflation process can also be made with external pumps
  • For this specific air mattress, Fox Airbeds ensures you with a 90-day warranty when you make the purchase so that if you find any inconveniences, you can return the mattress or get it replaced
  • When it comes to the final look of the mattress, it has a dark color on the bottom and a lighter one on the plush side
  • The product dimensions differ: twin XL has 80″ x 39″ x 20″, full has 75″ x 54″ x 22″, king has 80″ x 76″ x 25″ and queen has 80″ x 60″ x 25″. Also, regarding weight, they all have around 35-36 pounds.


  • Very easy to store when not inflated, it does not take a lot of space
  • It is easy to travel with this airbed
  • It is a good replacement for a real bed and for sleeping bags, too
  • Feels very softto touch and it has skin friendly materials
  • The inflation process will take only a few minutes, it inflates quickly
  • You will find this at an affordable price
  • You will be able to host guests even if you do not have extra beds in the house
  • You can keep yourself cool during summer by inflating it with cold air and on freezing winter nights you can try to inflate it with hot air
  • The vinyl material can be cleaned more easily than other materials
  • Fox Airbeds ensures you with a 90-day warranty when you purchase this airbed


  • Pumps can get kind of loud when used to inflate the mattress
  • The material might look cheap because vinyl is sometimes used as a replacement for real leather
  • The material is hard to repair if it gets broken


With this air mattress from Fox Airbeds, you can forget the inconveniences that you experienced in the past when you had to sleep in a sleeping bag when you went camping or when your family came over to visit and you did not have enough beds for everyone and you had to sleep on the floor or send them at a hotel.

This airbed inflates quickly and it can be done with two pumps because it has two built-in way pumps for a faster process.

When it comes to the overall look of the mattress, it was designed with a dark gray color on the bottom and with white plush material on top. The plush material will leave you with a soft and pleasant feel at the touch. When it comes to the rest of the material, there is 43% of vinyl found, a material that is humidity resistant and durable in time.

A cool feature that Fox Airbeds included into the mattress’s pillow top is the airflow chambers system, which is supposed to bring more comfort to the people who are using the bed (it can take the weight of one, two or three regular sized people).

Possible alternatives

If you think that you would like a lighter color version, you can choose the Air Mattress by Fox Air Beds. It has the same features and will fit the same needs as this one does. The only difference is the color (for this one the bottom part is light gray but the plush on top remains the same).


All in one, with all of the above-mentioned aspects and taking into consideration the pros and the cons, it is easy to notice that the pros outcome the cons and if you are looking for an inflatable bed this is a good option that you can save on your list. The mattress comes in four different sizes, so you have where to choose from.

As a bonus, keep in mind that the merchandiser will offer their clients at the same time with the purchase of this mattress, a 90-day warranty, just in case anything unpleasant happens with the item that you ordered. The friendly-pocket price will make this decision of choosing the right mattress even easier.


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