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Top 6 Best Air Mattress Brands

There are several kinds of mattresses one could choose from to satisfy man’s needs for a good night’s rest. These kinds include waterbeds, foam and spring mattresses, and also air mattresses. The lattermost type of mattress is common among those who would want to be assured of softness and is best for those who get to move from place to place every once in a while.

It’s also the kind of mattress that you would want to have in your house, should you be having guests but not have a guest room. It’s the perfect kind of bed for sleepovers and slumber parties. Given that there are several brands of air mattresses in the market nowadays, they all vary in terms of quality one way or another.

Apart from this, different air mattress brands are also made for different purposes. Some are made for outdoor use, specifically for camping and outdoor adventures, while some are made for indoor use. The following are air mattress brands that serve either of these purposes.

SoundAsleep Dream Series

The Dream Series is a set of inflatable queen sized air beds by SoundAsleep. To make it more durable and to add support, it’s got the signature ComfortCoil Technology, which means that the interior is composed of as many as 40 air coils. It also has a patented inner pump that works with just one click to ensure quick inflation or deflation. Thanks to this inner pump, inflation is quick and takes a mere 4 minutes.

The top layer is flocked and waterproof, as well as being multi-layer. This makes it not just resistant to water but punctures as well. Apart from being durable, it also makes sure that the ones lying down on it are safe, thanks to the “Sure-Grip” bottom part to prevent you from sliding unwantedly.

Serta – Never Flat

One embedded pump is already good enough, but the Serta – Never Flat series takes things up a notch with two electric pumps embedded in them. The primary pump is what deflates or inflates your bed, which it does in just under 4 minutes.

The secondary pump, on the other hand, is the neverFlat Pump, which keeps air pressure inside the mattress steady through the night. It also has an automatic shut-off system that makes sure you’re safe from the risk of overinflation. Its 35 internal air coils allow for a good night’s sleep, together with the extra rigid flocked top. It’s made of premium quality materials and is sure to give you nights of great comfort.

ALPS Mountaineering – Rechargeable

If you’re the type who’s always in for an adventure, or if you’re fond of camping out in the outdoors, then ALPS Mountaineering has the solutions for you to have a good night’s sleep while out camping. They have been providing campers with premium-quality adventure materials at great prices, and one of these products is the rechargeable bed.

It’s made from premium-quality PVC and is the perfect one to carry every time you go out camping. It has a coil system for added support, apart from the pump design that’s cutting edge. Its set-up is one which lasts for just a minute and can be done with just a flick of the switch.

SoundAsleep – Camping Series

SoundAsleep is one of the most versatile ones around, as they have their range of camping air mattresses as well. Having said that, the SoundAsleep Camping series are the kinds of beds you ought to use whenever you go out camping in the wilderness with friends and family.

Each purchase comes with a pump especially for these beds for much easier inflation and deflation, which is equipped with a heavy-duty battery. The setting up process for their beds, getting them fully inflated takes a mere 3 minutes.

To ensure safety as well as a good night’s sleep, it’s made to be more durable than other beds you’d be using at home. Lastly, to make things all the more convenient, it comes with a special carry bag for easy transportation and storage when it is not in use.

Insta-Bed – neverFLAT™

Another bed with two pumps instead of one if the neverFLAT Bed by Insta-Bed. The neverFLAT system is what keeps your bed pumped up and firm the whole night. This is through monitoring and maintaining of the internal air pressure, tokeep it at a level that’s comfortable.

It is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature for the primary pump, which means that it is turned off the moment the bed gets fully deflated or inflated. To keep you comfortable, it also has 35 circular coins in its interior for the Queen-sized bed, with 21 for the Twin-Sized, which can provide a firm and leveled support on your back as you sleep.

Coleman – Air Bed

The next airbed brand on our list would be Coleman. Coleman is one of the most widely-known when it comes to plastic products, and one of their best products is their Air Bed. This is best for indoor use and comes with a zippered carry bag with every purchase.

For great comfort, it’s got a soft suede top and is equipped with a double-locking valve to prevent air from coming out, hence keeping the mattress inflated. It also has a built-in electric pump to add more convenience. Furthermore, it’s high enough to stay on top of the floor keeping you all the more comfortable. This bed is perfect for unexpected guests or sleepovers.


There are several air mattress brands out in the market nowadays, but it’s important to note that not all of them are created the same way. The list above states the six most popular and high-quality air mattress brands you could choose from, should you be on the lookout for the one you are to use either at home for guests and personal use, or if you have a thing for the outdoors. The reason why you ought to pick the best is simply because choosing the right bed is indeed, an investment and something that would determine whether you’d have a good night’s sleep or not.


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