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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

If you are looking to purchase your very first inflatable bed, the abundance of options, brands and features to choose from must be making it quite difficult for you to select one air bed. It is actually a very complicated decision to make. Also, if you want to replace your inflatable bed, then too there are so many choices from different sellers to different brands and manufacturers that you could fed up after some time.

Narrowing down to one best model is not an easy decision. We have reviewed the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress to help you understand the different features of an air bed and its pros as well as cons.

This review will help you understand what you can get at the right price in the market today. The inflatable bed market is a big market, with several hundred buyers selling products at varied prices. Also, online retailing sites offer products at discounts so one can easily check the reviews and ratings of different products and buy the product without going to a physical store.

An air bed, which is also called a sleeping pad, is actually a PVC blow up bed which is filled with air instead of springs, latex and memory foam. The air bed could be placed or raised on a stand or be low profile depending on how the user wants it. Today, the best inflatable bed in the market is arguably the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress and we will be sharing our views about the product in this review.


This air bed is the best-selling mattress on several e-commerce sites. It is a queen size mattress that comes in at 58″ x 78″ x 19″. The two separate inner chambers and raised height design for adjustable comfort make this air bed an excellent option for people who love to stay outdoors. This air mattress can be used by buyers at home as well as for friends and family.

This inflatable bed comes with a build-in or internal pump and with just one click, the built-in pump makes deflating and inflating the inflatable bed very simple. Moreover, people who do not have enough time to deflate the mattress can now rest easy as the internal pump can deflate the mattress in just four minutes.

Currently, the mattress is rated as the best air bed on online retailing sites and it is widely considered as the best inflatable bed amongst verified owners. The air mattress has a top-quality build and comes with amazing features at an inexpensive rate. You are paying quite less for the air bed, which has so many amazing features.


Here are the main advantages of this inflatable bed

  • Internal Pump

Who does not want to complete a task quickly and what if the task is automatic? Well, you will love it. With this inflatable bed by SoundAsleep, you get a built-in pump which deflates and inflates the air bed in less than five minutes and with just a touch of a button. You will love how fast it deflates your air mattress.

  • ComfortCoil Technology

Your normal traditional wood-made expensive bed does not have the ComfortCoil technology that this SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress has. This technology provides added comfort to the user so that they can sleep without any issue.


These are two demerits about the air bed that we found during our testing:

  • Leaks

This air bed is quite durable but once a small leak appears, the whole mattress starts stretching. This is not something that we found but a buyer who purchased the air mattress from Amazon did. He said that a single leak lead to several new leaks which made it less durable.

  • Price

Because the air mattress comes with so many features, its price is also more in comparison to other air beds which is a demerit for the company as mainstream buyers who cannot afford this air bed won’t buy it.


The SoundAsleep air mattress is arguably the best mattress in the market but when it comes to price, it costs more than the Intex Comfort Plush air bed. When it comes to the better of the two air beds, it is the former as Intex has poor customer service.

We are not saying that Intex has the worst customer service but the reviews on the online retailing giant suggest so as many buyers have complained that the manufacturer is very lazy when it comes to replacing their products.


The SoundAsleep Dream Series air bed is the best mattress in the market, according to several consumers. In comparison to other inflatable beds, this mattress is the most resistant.

Pulling an air mattress out to set up is an ideal option when an overnight guest is on the way and for best comfort and convenience, there is no better air bed than the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress which comes with an Internal High Capacity Pump and ComfortCoil Technology.


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