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Do you want to know what to look for when buying a camp mattress? Air mattresses are also known as inflatable mattresses or air beds. You can use them when camping or in your guest rooms. , but it’s a challenge when deciding the best type to buy. The reason is that there are many brands available, and different sizes. This guide looks at 14 factors to consider when purchasing them.

Rapid Inflation

  • When buying a camp mattress, you should consider its fast inflation qualities. The reason is for a camping mattress you will need to carry a portable generator.
  • A home air mattress won’t need you to have a portable power source. The reason is that your home has electricity.

Ease of Use

  • When going out for camping activities, you need to have a light air mattress. You have other items to carry such as food, drinks and clothing. It means you should look for a portable camping air mattress.
  • For instance, you should consider purchasing the twin size low profile options, if you are camping in your tent solo, but might need a queen if there are two people. If you are considering buying a home air mattress, you should also buy those that you can quickly assemble. That’s in the case of having visitors to your home.
  • Depending on the size of your home, consider buying those which fit in your sitting room area.

Custom Firmness

  • One advantage of buying a home air mattress is that you can use it as your home bed, because they have custom firmness features. You can set them either firm or soft, and keep in mind that your guests may have different sleeping preferences. It means you should ensure you buy those that have this quality.


  • When shopping for a camp mattress, consider its cost. The reason is that they come at varying prices. Some cost as little as $30 while others up to $300.


  • Both camping air mattresses and home air mattress rely on mechanical pumps for inflation. As with other devices, they may get damaged. To replace them, you can either use their warranties or by new pumps.
  • You may also decide to buy external pumps. They are available online, for example, at $15. However, their cost also affects their quality. Budget brands tend to be noisy.
  • You won’t be using these pumps regularly. For instance, you only need them when inflating or deflating your air mattress.


  • You also need to check their quality. For example, you don’t want your guests to experience surprises such as their air beds collapsing. So read some reviews here.
  • That means when buying a camping air mattress, you should consider a low profile or fast inflating one.

Sharing Air Mattresses

  • Circumstances may make you share either your camping air mattress or home air mattress. It means you should consider those with adjustable firmness.
  • Some models, for example, the full size, have two separate interior chambers. They ensure that each of you gets to sleep according to your preferences.

Odor Free

  • Air mattresses are of PVC material. It means they are odor free when compared to brand new memory foam mattresses.
  • However, you should ensure you purchase the best brands, because you don’t want to wake up in a pile of plastic.


  • Both camping and home air mattresses shouldn’t experience sagging. That’s because all you need is to pump them to remove any sagging.
  • This effect is usually after regular use. As compared to other types of mattresses, air mattresses ensure you get value for your money.

Back Pain

  • When choosing a camp mattress, you should also consider issues of back pain. The reason is home air mattresses give you more options if you experience back pain.
  • You can adjust them if you feel they are too soft using their pumps. Camping air mattress won’t give you this option. That because you want them to be light and portable. Most of the camping air mattress models are also low profile.

Memory Form

  • When buying a home or camping air mattress, you should also consider those with an additional memory foam layer.
  • They enable you to give support to your spine, shoulders and hips. That allows you to enjoy your sleep. Air mattresses with memory form are also warmer.


  • Camping activities expose you to many elements. That means you should consider camping air mattresses with additional frames. The frames ensure you protect yourself from insects, cold and also give you extra storage space.
  • You may stay in tents which a have limited storage area. For home use, you should consider raised air mattress. That’s because they have heights of 18-22 inches above the ground.
  • They also have inbuilt pumps which enable you to inflate them by touching selected buttons. Premium home air mattresses also have secondary pumps which allow you to adjust their internal pressure.


  • Another factor to consider when comparing a camping air mattress versus home air mattress is their warranties. Most models made of PVC come with shorter warranties. However, you should also know that the cost of repairing them is almost similar to buying new ones.
  • For camping air mattresses, you should consider getting new ones if your current one gets damaged. The reason is you don’t want your bed to malfunction while out at night in the woods.

Assembling Time

  • When buying a home or camping air mattress, you should also check the time you take to inflate it. Some models take between 30-60 minutes to connect and require two people.
  • When out camping, you want those that you can assemble fast. That’s compared to when using a home air mattress. While at home, you can take your time.

Final Thoughts

The above post on finding the best camp mattress should make it easier for you to purchase one. Check their online reviews and ease of use to ensure you choose the best ones.


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