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How to Deflate an Air Bed

There are some things that look easy but actually aren’t and there are things that sound very difficult but are very easy to do. Deflating an air bed is the latter. There are some people who buy an inflatable bed do not know how to deflate it. Deflating an air bed becomes important when you are packing it in a bag or storing it for later use.

In the manual, which comes with the air bed, you can find the instructions on how to deflate the air mattress. Some of you may have lost the manual while some have the instructions but are still finding it difficult to deflate an air mattress.

We will help you in deflating your air mattress and guide you through the steps slowly so you can learn how to do it in the first attempt. It is actually very easy to learn how to deflate an air bed with the help of a pump.

It does not matter if you have an internal pump for your inflatable bed or you are using an external pump but the task of deflating an air bed becomes easier and faster if you use a pump. Use the following techniques to deflate your inflatable bed with a pump.

For an air mattress that comes with an internal or build-in pump

In the first step, flip the pump switch to ‘deflate.’ The ‘deflate’ switch may be on the air bed with a minus sign or ‘0’ depending on the model of the inflatable bed that you are using.

For the next step, the pump will do its work. It will start to suck the air from the inflatable bed and the mattress will start to deflate slowly. In addition to this, the model of the mattress and the pump will determine how much time it will take for the pump to suck all the air from the air mattress to fully deflate it.

Most models that come with built-in or internal pumps deflate the air mattress within a few minutes. The user does not need to wait for long amounts of time to pack the air mattress in a backpack.

For an air mattress without a built-in pump

The user will need an external pump if they do not have a build-in pump for their mattress. Now, this external pump should have at least two places where the nozzle attaches: a narrow opening and a wide-mouth opening. The user has to attach the nozzle of their pump to the wide-mouth opening.

The user should be able to see the two valves on their mattress. There is a wide-mouth valve that the user opens to deflate the air mattress and there is a narrow one that the user uses to fill the inflatable bed. The user has to hook the nozzle to the deflate valve on the external pump and then, place the nozzle in the open end of the deflate valve on the air bed.

Now, all the user has to do is turn the pump on. The pump will start to suck air from the air bed and the mattress will start to deflate. The user would instantly hear and see the airbed start to deflate as the pressure is released by the valve.

To make sure that the pump is keeping in contact with the air mattress, the user may need to hold it. They can gently press on the air mattress to squeeze the air out of it. The user can speed up the process of deflation by seeking help of another person and asking them to apply pressure to the mattress.

Using the Foot Pump

In case the user has an electrical or foot pump, they have to place the nozzle in the valve as they did when they inflated the bed. This time, however, they have to change the setting and move the hose into the deflate section.

The user has to step on the pump while using the foot pump. The pressure would suck all the air out of the inflatable bed. But in case of electric pump, the user can gently press on different areas to speed up the deflating process. Once the air bed is fully deflated, the user can fold, roll and pack it in a bag for later use.


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