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How to Find a Leak in the Air Bed

You know how irritating it gets when you have to inflate your bed repeatedly in a week because it keeps deflating. It is not only tiring but also affects your sleep. But have you thought that there could be a small, almost invisible leak in your air bed that is causing such problems? Well, there is a large chance that your bed is deflating so quickly because of a leak in the mattress.

Sometimes, you even know that there is a leak in your air bed but you cannot do anything because you cannot find the leak.

In this article, we will try our best to explain how you can find leaks in your inflatable bed quickly and easily. There are six easy steps to find a leak in your air bed and we are explaining them in easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1

The user has to remove the sheets and other things from the air mattress. Now, they have to move the air bed into a space where they can easily and comfortably flip, rotate and turn it.

Step 2

The user has to pump the mattress to its complete firmness now. This step will be intuitive if the pump is not automatic. Now, the user has to pump the air bed just enough to make it firm while avoiding the huge risk of the inflatable bed bursting. Secure the nozzle now.

Step 3

The next important step is a detailed visual evaluation. Even the smallest holes will become visible to the eye when the air mattress is fully inflated. If the user cannot see the leak, then they can at least hear it. The user can locate the leak by finding where the hissing sound is actually coming from.

If you are still finding it difficult to find the leak, then pay more attention to the seams as those are the weak spots of an inflatable bed and the leaks present there are most difficult to detect if the air mattress is deflated or not fully inflated.

If you have found the leak, move towards the next step.

Step 4

The user should now move their hand along the surface of the air mattress. They will feel a gentle brush of air when their hand meets the leak.

Step 5

However, if the user can still not find the leak, then they should use the soap method. Take a spray bottle and fill it with some liquid soap of dishwasher liquid and warm water. The user has to spray the mixture on the areas where the hissing sound is coming from. They will have to spray different areas of the bed systematically if they do not hear anything.

Step 6

The air leak with disclose itself with several soapy bubbles. The user should use a cloth dampened with warm soapy water if they do not have a spray bottle. They can soap different areas on the air bed to find the leak.

If the user cannot see the leak even now, then they can fill their bathtub and submerge the inflatable bed fully. Submerge the bed part by part if the tub is not large enough. Now, the bubbles will surely disclose the leak.

A small leak will release a bubble every few seconds so wait for some time. Now that you have found the leak, decide what you want to do with it. Whether you buy another mattress or fix this one, the decision is in your hands.

If your bed is still under warranty then replace it as fast as you can. Do not be lazy as the manufacturer has promised you a year or more warranty and you need to use it. If the air mattress is not under warranty, then think if the bed is really worth the money and the time you will give to eliminate the leak.

An air mattress is a cheap product and it is better to buy a mattress than fix it. Fixing takes money as well, and the air mattress is not worth that money if it’s old. You spend more money and buy a new inflatable bed. Finally, the choice is yours; you can either buy or get your old one fixed.

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