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Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Review

If you cannot decide whether to buy an air bed or a traditional bed, this article may help you. Firstly, let’s check the benefits and drawbacks of an inflatable bed. Next we will review the best air mattress that one can find both on online retailing sites and brick and mortar stores.

Traditional beds are not portable and very expensive in comparison to an inflatable bed. A good air mattress would not cost you more than $150 but a traditional would not even start at that price range. An inflatable can easily be carried from one place to another, even for camping but just think about shifting that wooden bed you think is classy.

Tough, isn’t it? Also, inflatable beds are very affordable and easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about the sheets slipping from your air mattress because of the excellent sides. Now, you know why the inflatable beds are better than conventional beds. The question is which is the most ideal air mattress for you? We would recommend the Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump.


There are several air mattresses found in the market. Several of them are very cheap and inexpensive while many are affordable and of better quality. Some come with built-in pumps while some, mostly the cheaper ones, come with an external pump. In addition to this, many air beds come in various sizes, like queen size, king size, twin bed, etc.

Some come with pillows while for some, you have to shop for your own pillow separately. The Serta raised air mattress comes with a Never Flat technology that makes it really easy for the owner to get in and out of the bed. The bed allows you to sleep comfortably with your partner without worrying about the bed becoming deflated or losing air. The bed remains firm throughout the night or whenever you use it.


Serta raised air mattress is an excellent air mattress as it removes sagging and the loss of air pressure, which is very common in an inflatable bed. Here are a few merits of this air bed:

  • The Never Flat™ technology

This technology is actually a whisper quiet, auto-engaging pump that maintains continuous air pressure throughout the night for a comfortable and undisturbed night. Because of this technology, the bed is never flat; it remains firm and reliable.

  • Custom Firmness

The Never Flat technology brings us to our next merit. This air bed provides a firm and soft mattress as well as a convenient temporary (or permanent, depends on what you want) bed. For guests especially, this air bed is great as it provides a comfortable sleeping surface which is way better than your couch.

  • Amazing Pump

If you love to wake up every night to fill your air bed with the help of an external pump, this is so not the air bed for you. It would leave you undisturbed throughout the night and won’t even lose its firmness. Its secondary pump, once inflated, constantly senses and monitors when it needs to engage to maintain the selected comfort level – that can be firm, plush, or medium.


Here are the few demerits of the Serta raised air mattress:

  • Expensive

In comparison to several other air mattresses, the Serta raised air bed is costly. Many users have complained about the cost being too high for mainstream buyers. This air bed does provide added comforts of never flat technology and higher rear ends, but it is not something that a medium class consumer is looking for.

  • Limited time comfort

According to many verified buyers on the online retailing giant Amazon, the air bed is only comfortable for a few months.  A buyer wrote that his air mattress kept deflating after a few months of regular use. He sounded disappointed with his purchase and asked the company to check the product. We did not find any such problem so we cannot be too sure about it.


Both the Intex Pillow Rest Raised airbed and Serta Raised Air Mattress are comfortable air beds, however the former comes with a built-in pillow whereas the latter doesn’t. The Serta raised air bed has the never flat technology which the other air mattress lacks so if you are looking for maximum comfort, we would recommend the Serta raised air mattress.


This amazing air bed has a powerful primary pump, which allows effortless deflation and inflation of the inflatable bed, as well an automatic shut-off feature, which turns off the primary pump when inflation is completed.

Further, the air bed has a pressure sensing technology which monitors and adjusts the pressure to match the selected comfort level. This mattress is an amazing mattress when it comes to convenience and satisfaction. We would recommend it over a traditional bed every time.


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