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Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Reviews

Beds are our usual comfort zones that keep us sleepy all night. They are very cozy, so cozy it makes our Sunday morning relaxed and our Monday morning somewhat horrible.

In this modern century, new types of beds have been developed such as air mattresses. Air mattresses, also commonly known as air beds, have become one of the favorite beds of the great populace. They have several advantages compared to traditional beds. Air mattresses are more affordable and more versatile. Some even have an ergonomic design that can improve sleep and are less likely to give back and neck pains.

Another reason why air beds are a trend is that they are compact and portable. You can carry it anywhere – indoor or outdoor, you name it, air beds are perfect for almost all environments.

You can buy air beds in department stores, home improvement stores, and in online stores. However, due to the popularity of air beds, several brands have come up in the market, making purchasing somewhat difficult. Almost all companies promise comfort, durability, and best quality.

Talking about air mattresses, the Insta-Bed, a favorite brand of air beds, has been a pioneer in making the best air mattresses. That said, they have created the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump.


To get the best air bed, make sure it is comfortable, aesthetic, durable, and affordable. Let us see if the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress compels such qualities.

  • The suede top surface which gives a velvety feeling on the skin.
  • The Never Flat Pump system that was patented by Insta-Bed keeps the bed inflated and guarantees absolutely no deflation.
  • This Air Mattress has two pumps: the first pump inflates and deflates the bed in less than five minutes, while the second pump maintains the pressure inside the bed to make sure no air will escape.
  • Includes a carry bag upon purchase to let you take the bed whenever and wherever you like.
  • Available in five styles: 18-inch Full Air Mattress, Queen Headboard, Queen Pillow Top, White Queen-sized, and Twin.
  • The bed has enough coils – 35 coils for the Queen-sized airbeds and 21 coils for the twin sized air beds.
  • This air bed, when inflated, has 18-inches height when raised.
  • The dimensions of the Queen-sized airbed are 80-inch (length) by 60-inch (width) by 18-inch (height). Twin sized, when inflated, has dimensions 74” by 39” by 18”.


  • The suede surface is comfortable to the skin and keeps the bedding in place.
  • The bed has the ideal raised height (18-inches) which makes the bed accessible, especially for the elderlies and pregnant women.
  • The bed is firm when fully inflated.
  • The Never Flat Pump system that has two pumps keeps the bed raised.
  • The primary pump can inflate and deflate the bed in less than five minutes, which is ideal for people who are always in a rush.
  • This airbed has the size and looks the same as traditional beds, which make it perfect for bedrooms.
  • When purchased, the product comes with a carry-on bag that allows you to carry the bag wherever you want.
  • This product is an excellent choice of gift for your loved one.
  • The bed is very sturdy. There is no wiggling effect when the bed is being slept on.
  • Worth the money! The product has a reasonable price.


  • The bed pump is noisy. If you have a sleeping baby, it will probably wake him up.
  • The bed has a Never Flat Pump system, but it cannot guarantee any leakage. When roughly used, the bed will much likely have a leak, tear, or puncture in the seams.
  • The coils could soon create a tear due to a bad design.
  • The pattern of the bed is way too deep. You will feel the pattern when lying, making your sleep uncomfortable. A cover or bedding can solve the issue.


The Insta-Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump is a great product. The concept is exquisite: to be the air bed that solves the air leaking problem. The size of the bed is just perfect. In fact, it mimics traditional beds, which means, though it is an air bed, that the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is perfect for your room. However, more improvements could have been done with the design and durability. The coils could be made less shallow.

Let’s face it –all air beds have a chance of getting a leakage, tear, or puncture and the Insta-Bed Air Mattress is clearly not an exception. The Never Flat Pumping System is excellent as it keeps your bed fully raised all night. However, when the bed has a leak, the Never Flat Pump System becomes useless.

Possible Alternatives

True, air beds are a good alternative to traditional springy beds. But using an air bed means dealing with its drawback of deflating which can make your sleep uncomfortable giving you back pains. If that concerns you, you can alter to memory foams. Unlike air mattresses that are made from PVC foam (Polyvinyl Chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer), memory foams are made from a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure. Memory foams mold to the shape of the body of an individual, making it ideal as a sleeping aid.

The Zinus Responsive Memory Foam is a great product to buy. Sizes available are Twin, Full, and Queen. The cost is slightly higher compared to air beds, but the price is totally worth it.


So, which is better, air mattresses or memory foam? If you are searching for a bed that you can transport around conveniently, then it is best if you settle for air beds. And Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is an excellent choice of air bed – it is portable, usable, and affordable. But remember that air beds can leak and deflate whether you like it or not. If that concerns you, then better purchase memory foam. They are not as portable as air beds, but they sure can give you a good night sleep.


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