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What Makes A Good Air Bed for Camping

For lovers of nature and the great outdoors, one of the most popular ways to have a better, deeper appreciation of it is to go camping, usually in forests and other woody areas.

Camping lets you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, knowing that the woods would always be a lot more peaceful, especially at night. The woods also serve as a great place for people who love to go fishing, especially in woods where there are bodies of water nearby.

Whatever your purpose of going into the woods may be, you would most definitely agree on the fact that there are a lot of things you have to pack and bring with you to have the most comfortable and safe camping experience ever.

These things would commonly include canned foods, bug sprays, extra clothes, as well as whatever apparatus may be deemed necessary. When it comes to all these, one of the things that just can’t be forgotten are the sleeping paraphernalia. People are always going to be on the lookout for the best air bed for camping they could possibly find.

Common Types of Beds for Camping

People are free to choose the sleeping materials they ought to bring whenever they camp. However, a cushion would always be necessary to bring, as the bottom of tents may be too hard or too uncomfortable to directly lie down on.

Common types of beds for camping include the traditional thin mattresses found in conventional beds, cots, mats, as well as airbeds. Out of all these beds, the airbed is simply the most popular one for various reasons.

While there may be variations depending on the manufacturer, there are common advantages that put this type at an advantage over other beds. It is convenient and easy to pack, as they could be deflated and rolled up when not in use.

Another feature includes rigidity, as these mattresses are just about as tough as other conventional mattresses. These mattresses, which are pumped with air, are also very lightweight as well.

Camping Airbeds: Things to look out for

Built-in Air Pump

The best airbed for camping should most definitely be equipped with a built-in air pump. This saves you the hassle of having to manually set up the pump and inserting the necessary tubes to the bed.

With a built-in air pump, all you have to worry about are the external batteries, and you can start pumping with just a flick of a switch. This also spares you the risk of overinflating your bed, and gives you the advantage of choosing the right amount of softness.

Heavy-Duty Fabric

This is definitely a must have for outdoor mattresses, or even for mattresses for daily use. Always feel the fabric, and make sure that it is shut and sewn tight at the seams. Ideally, these are to be made with Polyester with a combination of resins.

Should the type of fabric be left unspecified, optical inspection could tell, as well as the price, given that heavy-duty fabrics are more tedious to make, and hence you could expect these to belong to the higher price range.

Plenty of Inflatable Chambers

These inflatable chambers comprise the inner structure of the inflatable air beds, and basically gets filled up the moment the air pump gets turned on. These substitute the springs in traditional mattresses, which give the softness with a certain firmness to keep things still bouncy.

Having said that, the more inflatable chambers there are inside a bed, the sturdier the support is for the back, and thus you could be assured that these beds are comfortable to lie on. The ideal number of inflatable chambers for each of these beds are from 35-40.


Synthetic Resins are responsible for the waterproofing of the airbed. You never really know what you’re going to come across while you camp, and also, a damp bed is something unwanted by many.

Having them waterproof also prevents risk of sheets developing any mold or mildew, which could pose various serious health risks, such as allergies.

Best Brands for Air Beds

There are several brands of air beds out in the market nowadays, and picking the perfect one may take some trial and error.

Despite that though, the best brands for air beds for camping include the Sound Asleep Dream Series, Lightspeed Outdoors, Aerobed, Stansport self-inflating, Intex Classic, among others. These brands have a high count of 30 to 40 air coils in its interior, and are equipped with built-in pumps. These brands are what you ought to look out for whenever you wish to purchase the best air bed for camping.


There are several brands of airbeds that you can buy in the market. While price could be an indicator to quality airbed for camping, it’s important to keep in mind that you should check the product first and have it tested prior to actually purchasing it.

Should this not be possible, never hesitate to ask or consult others who have bought air beds for camping previously. At the end of the day, no matter what brand you purchase, it would always be the comfort and personal preference that would matter.

It’s therefore ideal for you to purchase the most lightweight airbed when you go camping, and one which need not be pumped manually. In this manner, you are able to conserve much space, and there would be a much lesser risk of the airbed not fitting the interior of the tent.


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