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Beds keep us warm and make us feel extremely comfortable after a stressful day. As a result, every home has a bed.

As time passes by, entrepreneurs and inventors have improved the traditional bed that we all used to love. From springs and foams, they have created inflatable beds that are commonly known as air beds or air mattresses.

Air bed, of course, is a type of bed that is being inflated or filled with air. They can be deflated as well, making them very versatile – they can be used indoors or outdoors. Loading an air bed by blowing it is clearly not a very pleasant task to do. Fortunately, air pumps can be used to inflate air beds, but it still requires much physical effort.

Thanks to modern technology, companies, and entrepreneurs have invented self-inflating air beds that rise through air pump motors. In fact, they belong to the modern trend as they are portable, easy to setup, and quite affordable compared to traditional spring beds and memory foams.

The Lazery Sleep Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump is a fantastic air bed that has several unique features that you can brag about. And in this article, we will evaluate its comfortability, durability, design, and affordability.


  • The Lazery Sleep Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump is available in two sizes: twin size and queen size. When fully inflated, the bed goes up to 19-inch high, which is ideal for people who need easy access to their bed.
  • This air bed comes with a LED remote that allows you to adjust the level or intensity of firmness or softness of the bed.
  • The bed has 40 coils that support weight and relaxes your back.
  • The top surface of the bed is made from a soft coating which makes you comfortable on the bed. Also, it keeps the beddings and linen in place.
  • This air bed is made from multiple leakage-proof materials that promise durability.
  • Aesthetic and fabulous design. The bed has a look of a traditional bed, but the comfort of the air bed.
  • It will only take four minutes to inflate or deflate this air bed.
  • It is thick, so it does not consume much space when deflated and folded.
  • The motor of this air bed is 20% quieter than other motors of other brands.


  • This air mattress is thick,so when you deflate it and fold, it is not bulky, making it easy to store in the car or in the closet.
  • The storage bag allows you to bring the air bed anywhere.
  • This bed can be an excellent choice of gift for your loved ones.
  • The 40 individual coils in the bed can make you relax while on the bed as they support your body.
  • The durable, puncture-free materials that were used in this air bed promise extra durability.
  • The electric motor is 20% quieter than other motors. Meaning, you do not have to worry about waking up your kid when inflating the air bed.
  • The air bed comes with great aesthetics. It makes an excellent fit for any type of room as it has the look of a traditional bed.
  • The adjustable firmness of the bed is ideal for people who have back aches, joint pains, and other conditions alike.
  • The LED remote lets you configure the settings even without moving from your place!
  • When fully inflated, the bed gives a raised height of 19-inches, which makes it accessible for elder lies and pregnant women.
  • The pumping system of this air bed is already built inside of it, which means you do not have to plug connectors or hoses when inflating. Easily connect the bed to an electric source andvoila! A spacious air bed for you!
  • Affordable compared to other brands with fewer features.


  • Though claimed to be made from durable materials, this air bed still loses air.
  • The seams can easily get ripped or get leakage.
  • The queen size of this air bed is quite smaller than the queen size of traditional beds which can make your queen sheet way too big to fit in the queen size air bed.


The Lazery Sleep Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump is an outstanding air bed. The built-in air pump is entirely amazing as it inflates the bed quickly and quietly. Also, the adjustable firm feature of the bed is ideal for people who want to achieve the right firmness of the bed when sleeping. Indeed, this air bed can improve your sleep and give you good dreams.

However, just like other air beds, the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress always has the probability of losing air while being used. That said, extra care is a must when using this mattress.

Possible Alternatives

One of the common problems air beds could have is the natural deflation. Air beds, even without a leak or punctures, naturally lose air. That being said, the Insta-bed, a favorite air mattress brand, has come up with a new model of air bed that keeps the bed fully inflated. The Insta-Bed Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump will be your new favorite! Keep the bed plugged in and have a good night’s sleep as you do not have to worry about your bed losing air! It has 32 coils that can relax your body and a height of 18 inches when raised, making the bed very accessible to everyone. The cost is slightly higher than the Lazery Sleep Air Bed, but it is totally worth it!


The Lazery Sleep Air Bed with Built-in Electric Pump is truly recommendable to everyone. It has an ergonomic design, fantastic adjustable features, and superb durability. Also, the price is reasonable.

But again, this air bed is not an exception when it comes to deflation. It eventually loses air, which, in rare cases, can make you unconsciously sleep on the floor. To avoid such events, make sure to use your air bed with extra loving care, which means cleaning the floor before putting the bed in place and keeping objects with sharp edges away.


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